Our strengths

Extrusion dies and heavy clay extrusion in general is the core business of  TECNOFILIERE.

A precise company’s choice  was to directly manage the various production steps, allowing to have a detailed and always under control management of the whole process.

The production is almost carried out internally; the company’s factory, extending over approx. 3000 square metres, is divided into four different departments:

  • laser- and oxy-cut;
  • fine machining;
  • welding and assembly;
  • sandblasting and heat treatments.

One of the strong points of TECNOFILIERE is the after-sale service, offered by skilled technicians with many years of experience in the sector of the brick molding.

The technicians travel all around the world in order to carry out the initial setting by the shaping  stage and relevant adjustments, the corrective operations after important changes in the factory extrusion conditions,  or simply to coach the personnel through targeted training.

The scrupulous selection of hard-wearing materials assures a long-lasting use of the extrusion equipment and consequently fewer replacements  and reduced maintenance operations on all the brick molding equipment.

In addition, the accurate working out of the piece geometries and of the exit holes allow the optimization of the mixture flow dynamics and therefore a high extrusion homogeneity.

All that allows to obtain products with high microstructural and mechanical characteristics as a guarantee for  excellent thermal performances, as well as a limitation of production consumption.

Materials with high wear resistance to assure a longer lifetime