A continuous innovation

The production of extrusion dies and equipment for the heavy clay and ceramic industry is the task of Tecnofiliere  S.R.L.

The founding members, Paolo Pedrielli and Oberdan Panzani, by merging together their long experience in the sector of heavy clay extrusion, were able to manage it at an entrepreneurial level, thus setting up in 1995 a company that has been constantly developing.

The creativity, the flexibility, the continuous research of new extrusion solutions and the application of the state-of-the-art production technologies and of the most effective materials, paying   particular attention to client’s requirements, are the prerogatives of Tecnofiliere.

The export sales of more than 95%, evidence the company international vocation and therefore its ability to realize and meet the most different requirements of clients from all over the world.

Tecnofiliere doesn’t put itself up to the entrepreneurs of the brick and tile industry as a mere supplier of products, but rather as a partner that assists them constantly.
The direct communication with the client is basic for Tecnofiliere and for this reason, the technical-commercial staff pay a visit to the potential and acquired customers regularly, carry out surveys on site and record technical data.

A way of acting that enables Tecnofiliere to perfectly identify the technical requirements of the brick extrusion equipment to suggest.

TECNOFILIERE tackles any upcoming problem concerning the heavy clay extrusion in terms of device wear of the employed components and of energy dissipations and anomalous tensions on the materials to be manufactured, then proposes the most appropriate solutions to the Client.

Tecnofiliere’s activity: a real and tangible value